OLIVE Nexus V-R9 Wireless (Wi-Fi) 3G Portable Router - Features,Price & Buy in India, Bangalore

Olive Nexus 3G Router now available in India and best way to share wireless broadband with your friends. Reliance Netconnect, Tata Photon, MTS Blaze All 3G services supported and it is battery powered and support more than 1 hour battery backup with in built rechargeable LiON battery. Click here to know other 3G routers

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 Olive Nexus V-R9 3G Wireless Broadband Pocket Router - Details

  • Pocket Size router for better mobility
  • Inbuilt Battery support makes Olive Router companion even during travel.
  • 3G Router which can be used as stand alone with Wired Network.
  • Compatible with EDGE/3G/1X/EV-DO USB modem
  • Olive Nexus Router is compatible with EDGE/3G/1X/EV-DO USB modem
  • Complies with IEEE 802.11b/g standards and compatible with IEEE802.11n wireless standards


3G router is used for sharing your 3G broadband from Airtel 3G, Tata Docomo 3G, Aircel 3G, Reliance Netconnect 3G, Tata Photon, Reliance Netconnect Plus and MTS Blaze. All of the above service providers and corresponding data cards are compatible with Olive 3G Routers. You can connect USB data card directly to the Olive Router and you dont require a PC connected to your network always to share the Internet. This is the cost effective option considering the cost of power for keeping always on.


This 3G router from Olive is very compact and you can carry anywhere due to the small formfactor and low weight. Moreover, the rechargable battery is so handly while you drive and where power is not available. Hence, this is the best option for a busy business man and professionals for their day to day work.Olive Nexus 3G router comes with charger to keep plugged in at home or office. During Travel, the battery is enough to power it for hours.


Visit the link below to read a comprehensive review of this router:


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Olive 3G router is a must gadget for Tablet freaks. Because most of the lower end Tablet PCs like Apple Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia tablet etc doesnt have 3G slot and also doesnt have USB port to connect to the internet on the move. Hence, 3G router like Olive is a must device for those who have Tablet to connect to internet.


Priced at 3000, the Olive VR-9 router would easily pay for itself over a few months. Consider a scenario where you have taken a unlimited 10GB plan from Reliance Netconnect which costs around 1000 Rs/month shared between your desktop, laptop, tablet and the smartphone. I am not considering if your wife also have similar gadgets. Otherway if you  take individual connection, atleast you need to pay for the tablet, smartphone and Reliance Netconnect which will not be not less than 3000/month if you are a heavy user. With the sharing through 3G router you are saving 2000/month and within 3 months your Olive 3G router can be considered free of cost for you. Moreover, you can share the same internet with your friends on the move and also you can keep the device in higher place to get good signal stregth improving your overall internet speed which was never possible with a datacard plugged on the USB port.


Configuring the VR9 Nexus Olive router also not that difficult. You can connect to the web interface through a LAN or Wan like any other router configuration. Then you need to provide the user id and password if your service provider require authentication. Once the userid and password is given and after pluggin in the USB data card to the USB port in the router, just power on and your wifi setup is done. If you want to add more security, you can use the WPS button and also you can change the authentication mechanism through the web interface. You can change the SSID as well and personalize according to your need.


Compatible with most of the 2G, 2.5G, 3G and EVDO data cards available in Indian Market. Few examples are:


Reliance Netconnect Plus : Huawei EC168C, EC1260, EC1261,EC1262,ZTE AC8710, ZTE 2726


Airtel 3G: Micromax MMX300,Micromax MMX 200G.


Tata Photon Plus and Docomo 3G : Huawei EC1260, 1261, EC168C, EC121 whize, ZTE AC 8700, AC 8710


BSNL EVDO :Huawei E156G, E121G, ZTE AC 8700,ZTE AC 8710,Linktop U-100,,U-105,U-200,U-300,U-520


BSNL 3G: Micromax MMX300, MMX 200G, MMX 372G,Linktop LW272, LW273


MTNL 3G: Micromax MMX300,Micromax MMX 200G, Micromax MMX 372G,Linktop LW272,Linktop LW273

MTS: ZTE AC 2766 MBlaze Premium


Please note that above list is not complete, other data cards also supported 


For Other 3G supported routers, call Netnlap @ 9741142280 or click here


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